Privacy Policy

When you visit our site and fill out a form, we collect your personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy explains what we collect, why we collect it, and how you can opt out if you choose. Our policy may be revised at any time, so we encourage you to visit frequently to view any changes or updates.


The information we gather includes your name, address, phone number, email address and any other data you provide by visiting our site and filling out one of our forms. This personally identifiable information is used to return results for your school and program searches and given to our educational partners so they may provide you with further details. We may also share this identifiable information with our affiliates, partners' advertisers, service providers, and any other entities that we believe are able to provide you with special opportunities and offers. You may also wish to consult our service providers' privacy policies as they overwrite our own. In addition, by submitting your personal information on our sites, you are hereby granting written permission to us, our affiliated sites, sponsors, etc. for contact information. You also consent to receive phone calls from our affiliates and partners, and thereby, waive the right to file a claim with the FTC or any other agency in regards to these contacts or calls.


Our service providers and educational partners each have their own methods of following up with you. These methods may include contact by mail, email, SMS/text messaging, or telephone. By using our forms to request information, you give EduSearch and our service providers permission to contact you by any of these methods.


EduSearch provides you with the opportunity to opt out of any communication from us at the point we request your information and at any time thereafter. If you wish to opt out, you can contact us via email at Our newsletters also include an unsubscribe link for your convenience.


Our sites collect information about how visitors interact and utilize them so that we may refine and improve the user experience. This information includes internet browser information, page view tracking, visitor's IP addresses, link tracking, search information, and referring website information. We combine this information and keep it for an indefinite amount of time to identify trends and better understand our visitors.


Our site uses small files on your computer known as "cookies" to provide usage statistics and other helpful data about our visitors. Cookies also simplify your experience on our site by limiting the re-entering of your contact details. You can refuse cookies by adjusting your browser settings at any time.


EduSearch's services are not directed toward individuals under the age of sixteen, nor do we intend to collect such individuals' information.


Should you have questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, we invite you to contact us:

By Mail: P.O. Box 26502, Los Angeles CA 90042

By Email:

By Phone: (323) 337-0600