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Few look forward to a trip to the dentist. We visit once a year by force, unless we find ourselves in pain. The goal is to check the health of our teeth am gums. A simple visit can end with cavities, a root canal, the dreaded gingivitis or a positive job well done. Ways to ensure a clean bill of health for your teeth is proper and routine cleaning, flossing, mouthwash use and of course visits to the dentist. The dentist office can prove to be a long wait for an appointment and an even longer wait in the office itself. Drills, swishing and the overwhelming smell of fluoride follow this waiting providing some with a sense of dread.

West Virginia Dental Assistant Schools Enrolling Now

Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy is a nonprofit healthcare career school-and students are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we offer exclusive student services through your career training and beyond, beginning from the time you enroll online or at our campus in Clearwater, FL. We’ll also guide you toward the right program for your goals, and help you understand the affordability of your career training. So let us know you’re interested, and we’ll discuss how UMA can help you succeed.


Ashworth College

Ashworth offers respected, affordable online degree programs and expert guidance to help you meet your goals while balancing work and family. Now you can get the precise training you need to become the professional you’ve always wanted to be. And you can go as far as your education takes you.


Dental Assistant Careers in West Virginia

A dental assistant’s job is first and foremost to assist the dental practitioner in easing the patient’s fears. A relaxed patient provides better cooperation and a faster check-up. Besides seeing to the patient’s well being, they are responsible for providing more efficient treatment. An assistant prepare instruments, takes impressions and exposes dental x-rays. Ultimately, they act as the dentists extra pair of hands throughout all operations. Like a magicians assistant they ease the audience and make the time fly by.

Salaries for Dental Assistants in West Virginia

Well trained dental assistants in West Virginia can earn, on average, approximately $27,170 per year or $13.06 an hour. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Job Outlook and Schooling

As demand increases, so will job security. It is no secret that medical specialty fields are currently in high demand. In order to become a certified dental assistant (CDA), dental assistants must complete both schooling and on the job training which the dental assistant training schools in West Virginia aptly provide. This pre-training and certification ensures that individuals will be prepared before starting their careers.

Personal Benefits

A dental assistant should be a people person with a strong desire to seek other people’s comfort. You will gain the skills to aid people in the stressful environment of a dental appointment. The benefit from helping distress and de-plaque is valued by all.

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