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There are several good dental assistant schools in Virginia, and each of them can teach you the skills you need to join the high-demand, competitive field of dental assisting. Enrolling in a Virginia dental assistant school is a great first step to becoming a Virginia dental assistant, with career-focused courses and overall dental and medical knowledge provided to help you pursue the career you’re looking for.

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About Dental Assistant Training Schools in Virginia

The dental assistant is more than a comforter. In fact, the dentist depends on this assistant to provide support. Dental procedures are difficult to do solo; therefore, a dental assistant aids the process. Similar to a good surgical assistant, a good dental assistant makes the process smooth.

Dental Assistant Salaries in Virginia

Income in dentistry is good. Of course, dental surgeons and specialists make the most; however, a dental assistant can earn an average of $36,200 per year in Virginia.  In addition, more experienced dental assistants earn around $44,000 to $48,000.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

Educational Requirements

A dental assistant position is not regulated intensely. Virginia prefers dental assistants to attain a one year certificate. This is enforced by employers hiring graduates from one year programs. The local community colleges offer dental assistant certificate programs. In addition, students that desire a higher level can acquire a two year associate’s degree. A higher level degree aids in promotions; besides, it is unlikely to progress in this profession without higher education.

Job Outlook

Professionals in career trends are stating that dental assistants will have more opportunities in the next decade. The baby boomers are flooding the healthcare markets, and the dental community better prepare also. Older people are concerned about their dental health, and parents bring young children to the dentist at earlier ages.

Roles and Responsibilities

People put much faith and trust in healthcare professionals. This includes medical and dental professionals. A dental assistant is expected to deliver high quality of service to patients and the staff. As a support position, the dental assistant, fills an important role in the dental office.

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