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The dental assistant profession is in the field of health sciences and more specifically in the dental field. When a dentist starts a practice or an establishment offers certain dental services, the dental assistant is called upon to fulfill certain unique duties. Like every other business, the trained professionals always need support staff to assist them discharge their duties efficiently and professionally. The dental assistant fills this void by assisting the dental operator in a number of ways. They carry out office duties such as managing appointments, receiving and catering to customers, moderating administrative tasks and assisting in dental procedures.

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Dental Assistant Careers in North Carolina

As a dental assistant or an aspiring one, on completion of one’s studies at a North Carolina dental assistant training school, there are several career options available to you. The immediate career prospects would be employment in a dental practice. As one gains experience, two options become available. The first is for one to progress to greater responsibilities as a dental assistant such as becoming the office manager. The second option would be for the dental assistant to further their education. This may lead to becoming a dental hygienist or if an associate degree is pursued, may serve as a foundation for an undergraduate program.

North Carolina Dental Assistant Salary and Job Outlook

As one contemplates the future prospects of a career in dental assisting, looking at how much persons in this field earn is important. According to market statistics, as of 2010, there were over 300,000 professionals employed in the US . Moreover, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported ten years later that the dental assistant job market would expand by a 31% (much faster than average). This is forecasted to continue till 2020. North Carolina dental assistants earn on average $37,280 per year – higher than the national average. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

North Carolina Dental Assistant Educational Requirements

Those wishing to proceed in this career line require certain qualifications and educational requirements. In addition to a high school diploma, the aspirant is required to attend one of the North Carolina dental assistant training schools in order to be certified. The certification is proffered by the Dental Assisting National Board to successful candidates. This certification may be in the form of a certificate, diploma or associate degree.

Financial Aid Information in North Carolina

As with other education programs, dental assisting students may seek monetary assistance from the North Carolina dental assistant training school they attend. This is in the form of scholarships. Alternatively, they may seek federal assistance through the various federal funding schemes available.

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