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Dentists must focus their attention on major dental procedures. Thus, the dental assistant comes in handy. Although the dentist must stitch the gums up, the dental assistant can clean the area. Dental assistants use suction devices and the water sprayer to clean the patient’s mouth. The comfort of the patient is up to the dental assistant. Dental assistants spend much of their time attending to the needs of the patient. Great people skills help the dental assistant to be successful. Dental assistants must be able to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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About Dental Assistant Careers in Minnesota

Dental assistants spend some of their time in the laboratory. Temporary crowns are sometimes made by the dental assistant. Many states are expanding the duties of the dental assistant. Specialized classes must be successfully completed to qualify for these duties. Radiology duties can be delegated to a properly trained dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Salaries in Minnesota

You may not get rich working as a dental assistant; however, a solid income can come from a year of training. There are not many jobs that require so little training. Minnesota’s dental assistants average yearly incomes of $33,000. These are entry level salaries. Many years of experience will gradually increase your salary to the mid forties.

Educational Requirements

You can earn your dental assistant diploma in one year. Community college programs offer this training. Also, many colleges have associate level dental assistant programs. Within two years, you can walk away with an associate’s degree.

Job Outlook

Dental assistant positions are expected to increase. In fact, positions in this field will grow rapidly through 2018. Younger dentists will most likely hire more dental assistants; this allows them to focus on more profitable procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities

Dental assistants must wear many hats. Patients need comforting and reassuring from the dental assistant. The dentist needs this team member to be a second set of hands during complicated procedures. Office supplies may be ordered by the dental assistant. In addition, the ability to schedule patients, bill insurance companies, and receive payments is crucial. Dental assistants must be flexible and easily adapt to change. A stable mind and excellent work ethic are important.

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