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A dental assistant’s job is among the sought after jobs today, considering the job availability, average pay, and relative career stability that it provides. Dental assistant jobs have been growing each year, but it is still important to acquire the necessary skills and formal dental assistant training in order to obtain a fantastic and steady job in this area. Obtaining a solid occupation during a recession is reason enough to rejoice, regardless of the arena it is in.

A number of reputed dental assistant schools in Michigan offer quality education and training to equip candidates for the job. Armed with a formal qualification, it usually becomes easier to receive employment with a dental office or another dental facility.

Dental Assistant Schools in Michigan (MI)

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Dental Assisting in Michigan

Across the country, the basic dental assistant job description remains unchanged, so the training for this job is fairly uniform. Some of the special skills required at a particular dental office may be learned on the job as well. The state laws differ slightly regarding the tasks that a dental assistant in a particular state may be allowed to perform. Leading Michigan dental assistant schools impart broad-based training that equips candidates to fit into the job description quite easily without much requirement for on-the-job training.

Some of the common tasks that a dental assistant will perform at most places include assisting patients to be comfortable in the dental chair, preparing the work area for the dentist, readying dental tools and instruments, keeping the patient’s mouth dry with a suction hose during a procedure, and handing over X ray images, instruments or other things to the dentist while a dental procedure is in progress.

Some of the reputed Michigan dental assisting schools impart education to students in the area of dental hygiene and nutrition as well. Candidates will authoritative knowledge in this area may be given the task to give instructions to patients on dental hygiene and nutrition. In some cases, the dental assistants may also have to work in the lab with the dentist to fabricate crowns or help with X-ray processing.

Michigan Dental Assistant Training

If you are keen to take up a job as a dental assistant, it is a prudent and wise idea to aim for admission to one of the leading dental assisting schools in Michigan. The candidates may have to clear a state exam in order to receive a dental assistant certification.

Receiving this certification is mandatory in certain states before you are eligible for the job as a dental assistant. In some other states, it is acceptable to complete high school and receive a certain minimum level of on-the-job training. To be eligible for the state exam, the candidates may be required to complete a course from one of the recognized dental assistant schools in Michigan.

Michigan Dental Assistant Salary

The annual median dental assistant salary in May 2010 was $33,470, according to the figures provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Top 10 percent highest-earnings dental assistants receive a pay of $47,090 or higher in that period. Candidates who have received training from one of the recognized dental assistant schools in Michigan can expect to achieve a higher pay for a full-time position.

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