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No one looks forward to visiting the dentist. A trip to the dentist would be worse without dental assistants. The assistant supports the dentist, who needs to focus on the patient. While the tasks may seem irrelevant, they actually increase the efficiency of the dentist and keep the office running smoothly. The dental assistant’s job typically includes organizing the examination room. The assistant places the tools for easy access by the dentist, and makes sure that each of the tools is sterile, and working properly. Then, during the examination or procedure, the assistant must provide tools to the dentist, and suction or retract areas to clear obstructions to the dentist’s vision. Dental assistants sometimes create patient charts, work in the office, or help in the radiology lab.

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Remington College

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Dental Assistant Salaries in Louisiana

In the United States, the average dental assistant salary is approximately $33,470 per year. The salaries start low, but increase with experience, with some assistants making $46,000 or more. In Louisiana, the salaries are below the national average. The mean annual wage for Louisiana dental assistants is $29,460 annually. While dental assistants often train in the dentist’s office, many assistants are enrolling in dental assistant training programs. Some programs take less than a year to complete, while others may take eighteen months or more. Job prospects are quite good, since dentists are hiring more assistants to enable them to perform more complex procedures. Better training may increase the chances of being hired. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Louisiana Dental Assistant Job Outlook

Most dental assistants find work in the New Orleans and LaFayette jobs markets, because of the population of these areas. Baton Rouge and Shreveport also have dental assistant jobs available. The highest median salaries for dental assistants in Louisiana are in New Orleans and Shreveport.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dental Assistants

The dental assistant’s job is to perform the tasks that enable the dentists to stay focused on the patient. The tasks may seem trivial, but they are crucial to dentists and to their patients.

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