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Idaho Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

There is a real demand right now for dental assistants in Idaho. Many cities in Idaho are building new communities, and many private dentist offices will be build in order to service the new companies. New communities will mean new schools and most importantly new people. People will always have a need for the continuous care of their teeth.

Idaho Dental Assistant Schools Enrolling Now

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant in Idaho

Most of the time before a surgeon does a procedure; he or she relies on the dental assistant to get the patient’s past and current health information. The dental assistant will also be responsible for composites, impression materials and cements.

Idaho Dental Assistant Salary & Outlook

Dental Assistants in Idaho are paid by the hour. The range of hourly pay in Idaho is between eleven dollars to fifteen dollars. Some dental practices in Idaho are open later hours and offer differential pay for hours worked after regular business hours. The range of differential pay is between seventeen to nineteen dollars an hour.

Educational Requirements to Become a Dental Assistant in Idaho

There are dental assistant programs in Idaho that offer a certificate or associate degree. Most Idaho dental offices prefer dental assistants to have an associate’s degree and have over two hundred hours of hands on training. The state of Idaho also requires continued education every three years.

Financial aid Information for Dental Assistant Schools in Idaho

Grants are also another great way for students to get money to help with their school costs. The grants are broken down into categories based on student, subject and degree level. Grants can come from public and private companies. Some grants have a limited amount of money and just require you to fill out an application. Then those grants give out money until their funds for that year are given out. Some grants require you to write an essay explaining why you need their funding. The grants that are based on degree level usually require you to send transcripts of previous grades in order to receive funding for a bachelors, master or doctorate.

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