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The dental assistant has an exciting and important role in the dental profession. This individual plays an important role in the support structure of the practice. In the day to day running of the various procedures that go on in a dental practice, the dental operator looks to the dental assistant for assistance and support while carrying out various procedures. The dental assistant can therefore assist the operator by passing various instruments, sterilizing instruments, fabrication of provisional tooth crowns amongst other duties. In addition, the dental assistant may do clerical work.

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About Dental Assistant Careers in Delaware

A dental assistant aspirant may look forward to an exciting and satisfying career. This career begins with an interested individual taking up science related courses while in high school. These are such as biology and chemistry. Next, the prospective dental assistant will receive on-the-job training that would put them well on their way to a great career. While this is ongoing, the dental assistant can look forward to career advancements such as becoming the office manager, dental office liaison officer amongst others. If the individual so wishes, they may get further training to become a certified dental operator such as a dental hygienist.

Salary and Job Outlook

The dental assistant job market in Delaware seems set to only get better. With a work force of just over 300,000 dental assistants countrywide, the job market for this career is burgeoning. Growth in the market is pegged at a robust 31% annual growth rate. This trend is expected to persist until at least 2020. In addition, the prospective Delaware dental assistant may expect a decent (mean) salary of about $16.09 an hour or $33,460 a year.(Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Educational Requirements

This career path has certain educational requirements that could solidify one’s efforts. Ideally, the prospective student should take up science related subjects in high school. On completion, there may be need for formalized training in a dental assistant training school as some states require that all dental assistants be certified. This is especially the case when they will be handling certain equipment and performing specialized procedures such as radiological procedures.

Financial Aid Information in Delaware

Various dental assistant training schools offer scholarships to qualified prospective students. These are augmented through federal loans and grants that are the single largest source of dental assistant financial aid.

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