Dental Assistant Schools in Alabama (AL)

Alabama Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

Dental Assistant careers in Alabama are currently in high demand and are not predicted to change anytime soon. A dental assistant is a career that falls into Health Care Field, and there will always be a demand for the maintenance and repair of teeth.

Dental Assistant Schools in Alabama

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Roles and responsibilities of a Dental Assistant in Alabama

Even if the exact responsibilities of a dental assistant differ from office to office, the majority of them are the same. They are an essential ingredient for success in most if not all of the procedures done by a dental surgeon. A common responsibility is preparing dental instruments for surgical and non surgical dental procedures.

Alabama Dental Assistant’s Salary Outlook

Dental Assistants can be paid by the hour or given an annual salary. The way in which the dental assistant is paid is at the discretion of the dental surgeon at the office where they work. The average salary of a dental assistant is fifteen dollars an hour. The average yearly salary is thirty thousand dollars a year.

Educational requirements to become a Dental Assistant in Alabama

The amount of education required to become a dental assistant depends on the state you are working in. Alabama dental practices have hired dental assistants that go to a trade school and obtain their license within a year, but would prefer those with a two year associates degree. You will also need to have one to two months of hands on training before you can get your license. Alabama also requires you to continue your education every two years to maintain your license.

Financial aid information for Dental Assistant Schools in Alabama

It is no secret that school is expensive. Even technical schools that offer certificates for careers that only require one year of study can be quite costly. There are many ways to pay for college other than out of pocket. The types of financial aid are the Perkins and Stafford loan. There is also free government aid that students can apply for. The students that are military dependents also qualify for special military aid.

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