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One of the rapidly expanding fields in the allied health industry today, dental assisting is defying the current trend of rising unemployment. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assisting is one occupation predicted to continue growing for years to come. Rising population, and a subsequent increase in demand for quality dentistry have resulted in an increased demand for dental assistants to help handle the additional workload. Dental assistants are flexible, versatile people in a dental practice or clinic. They perform a wide range of duties under the supervision of a dentist – from front office administration to clinical and radiologic procedures. An ideal dental assistant is one who can think on their feet, quickly prioritize tasks, anticipate the needs of others on the team, communicate well and be proficient and confident in their ever expanding list of duties. If you’re thinking of getting into a stable profession where you can also be stimulated and given opportunities to help people and make good money, dental assisting may be for you. The diverse duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant make it easy to get ahead and branch out into related occupations, if desired.

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