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Everest Colleges, Institutes and Universities provides postsecondary education programs that prepare students for careers in some of America’s fastest growing industries, including health care, business and technology. Everest takes a very personal approach to career education, offering small classes, intimate work groups and support systems designed to help students succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Even after students graduate, Everest’s Career Services department is there to provide ongoing career coaching and help locating local employment opportunities. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Dental assistants are often the unsung heroes of a dentist’s office. If you’ve had a visit to the dentist’s office where nothing went wrong from the front desk to the x-ray room to the dentist’s chair and back, it’s at least in part because the dental assistant was doing a great job. Dental assistants are those people who greet you at the reception desk, schedule your appointments and process your account. They’re also the people who take your dental x-rays and prepare the room and equipment for the dental procedure. You might also find them assisting the dentist in a variety of procedures, and even taking out your dental sutures. To be a dental assistant one has to be able to multitask, think on their feet and have a good touch. They also have to be good communicators and anticipate the needs of dentist and patient during dental procedures. Their combination of versatility and skill makes them in demand in today’s workforce. Dental assisting is one of the fastest-growing careers today. If you like to help people, are stimulated by a diverse workload and are searching for a career that’s stable with many opportunities, dental assisting may be just the profession you’re looking for.

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