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St. Paul is one of the top paying metropolitan areas for dental assistant professionals. The average salary for a St. Paul, MN dental assistant is $44,470. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.) Dental assistants enjoy working on a variety of exciting different assignments. They have routine work schedules with vacation and holiday pay. This career offers prestige and respect with the satisfaction of knowing you are doing a needed service for people. There are many job opportunities for dental assistants. The majority are employed by private practice dentist and specialized dentist and surgeons. Although this seems to be the popular choice for these skilled professionals, there are other industries that hire dental assistants. Among these are public health facilities, insurance companies and dental clinics. Dental assistants perform an array of different tasks. Along with working chair-side with the dentist, assistants also do clerical office work, keeping patient’s records in order and scheduling appointments. They also perform such functions as sterilization of tools, x-rays, setting up the instrument tray and making temporary oral appliances.

Dental Assistant Training School Programs

Dental Training School consist of learning dental anatomy and terminology, preventive dentistry, nutrition, disease transmission, pathology, dental emergencies, pharmacology and radiology. Learning dental business administration is also included. The usually curriculum includes dental and clinical sciences, clinical functions and practices. When these courses have been successfully completed, students are eligible to sit for the Dental Assisting National Board Certification Exam and the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry Registration Exam. Students who successfully complete dental assistant school in St. Paul will be able to interact with patients and the dental team effectively. They will also be able to perform duties within the ethical legal standards of dental practice, apply concepts of occupational safety and infection control and demonstrate behaviors in a professional manner.

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