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Dental assistants can acquire their training in a year. Thus, a new career can be yours in a short period of time. Employers will accept a certificate from accredited dental assistant schools in Seattle. Seattle does not require more than this. Certification is optional. Dental assistants with proper training and credentialing will have more job opportunities available to them. Seattle has several dental assistant training programs, that will prepare the student for success.

About Dental Assistant Careers in Seattle

Most professions require a team effort for maximum success. Dentistry is no different. The dentistry team is comprised of a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, and office support. Together these professionals create either a good or bad experience for the patient. Many people have had bad experiences in the dentist office. A bad visit will most likely be the last visit. Few things are more tragic than a poor dental procedure. The trauma stays with people for a very long time. Dental assistants can make the difference in a dental visit. First impressions are critical; therefore, the initial encounters with the dental assistant can help or hinder the success of the visit. Good dental assistants set the stage for a pleasant experience. Appearance plays a huge part in everything. Patients evaluate the demeanor of the dental assistant and the cleanliness of the office. Impressions are made quickly from these elements. During the dental procedure, the dental assistant assists the dentist with the process. The dental assistant will hand tools to the dentist and keep the mouth dry. Many dental assistants also work in the office. Handling patient records, billing, payments, and other crucial tasks are sometimes designated to the dental assistant. Multi-tasking is important in this field. The ability to handle several things accurately is good. The dental assistant may have to fill several different shoes.

Dental Assistant Salaries in Seattle

All healthcare professions pay decent wages. Healthcare wages rank among the best of all professions. Dentistry is no different. Dental assistants in Seattle earn from $27,000 to $51,000 per year. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.) The range is substantial due to different levels of training and experience. The higher end of the spectrum is usually the result of years of experience as a dental assistant.

Job Outlook

The medical profession is predicting record numbers of patients in the next decade. More medical and dental services will be in demand. Baby boomers are living longer, and they require medical and dental services. Growth is expected to continue at a rate of approximately 31% through 2018.

Dental Assistant Schools in or near Seattle

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