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Learning the job skills that will ensure a successful career in dental assisting requires learning how to do the front office duties, learning radiography and becoming skilled in chair side procedure assisting. Most dental assistant schools in San Diego offers accredited programs, that will train the student to make impressions, setup dental trays for certain procedures, take x-rays and process them, obtain the patients dental records and chart accordingly. They will also learn sterilization and disinfection techniques and will learn how to educate the patient about oral care and post-op care. Training can take as little as seven months to complete. Completion of an accredited program and completion of 3,500 hours of on-the-job training over a two year period will prepare the student for the certification exam which when passed, the dental assistant will be certified by the Dental Assisting National Board. This certification gives a dental assistant more options for employment, since dentist are more apt to hire a board certified dental assistant.

Job Outlook for San Diego Dental Assistants

Choosing a dental assistant career in San Diego can be a wise decision because of the high demand for these positions today. This career is one of the fastest growing occupations in the medical field, as new dentist continue to open practices, and technology has advanced enough to treat conditions that formally caused patients to loss their teeth and need dentures. This is bringing more people into the dental office for fillings, crowns and other treatments and procedures.

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A Career as a Dental Assistant in San Diego

The role of dental assistants in the dental office is an important one. They help to calm and relax patients while the dentist performs procedures, along with assisting the dentist with handing of instruments, suctioning and other chair-side duties. They are sometimes responsible for taking the dental X-rays and developing them for the dentist to see, to determine the treatment of choice. They also perform certain lab techniques, such as making temporary crowns and dentures. Many dental assistants are responsible for doing office and clerical procedures, along with greeting the patients and other various duties.

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