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Career Description of a Dental Assistant

With a career in dental assisting you will find that this job can be very rewarding. With the dentist, dental staff and the patients being dependent on your skills and responsibilities, your job is a valuable asset to the entire dental office and each patient that you assist. Dentists depend on their assistants to be friendly, mature and reliable. They also expect good communication skills and proper attitudes with patients. Many people are nervous when they see a dentist and making them comfortable and at ease is a valuable asset for the dental assistant.

As a dental assistant you will be expected to perform several duties, although your primary duty will be assisting the dentist with chair side treatments. Other responsibilities will include, preparing the instruments for procedures, taking and developing x-rays, sterilization and disinfection of instruments along with patient instruction on oral care and hygiene. Dental assistant laboratory duties will include, making temporary dentures, crowns and bridges along with office duties of appointment scheduling, receiving patients, ordering supplies, payment, billing and insurance.

Job Training

Many dental assistants learn by courses and hands on experience, but for advanced opportunities, attending a formal college can provide advanced clinical, administrative and laboratory training, which when completed offers a greater opportunity for employment. Some dental assistants continue on with their studies and advance to becoming a dental hygienist or an expanded function dental assistant. Some choose to specialize as a dental lab technician.

Many of today’s dental training schools in the Orlando area offer programs with expanded training like radiology. This offers the student more job opportunity, preparing the student to be able to perform clinical, radiology and administrative duties. There are excellent employment opportunities upon completion of these expanded programs, which happens to be one of the fastest growing professions in the medical field. With today’s advancements in dental care, people are choosing to keep their natural teeth and are demanding more services by dentists. Because of this, dental assistants will become more employable as dentists seek out these highly skilled professionals.

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of school, dental assistants may be employed in many different dental practices such as general practice, cosmetic dentistry, dental clinic, pediatric dentistry, health departments, or they may specialize in Endodontist, Orthodontist or Periodontist.


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