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Los Angeles Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

In a job as a Los Angeles dental assistant, you are supposed to be an extra pair of hands to the dentist. And therefore, along with the training that you may be able to get from your dentist in the long run it is also important to be able to attend a dental assistant training school in Los Angeles that is going to give you the very basics and the on hands training that you will require being able to do your job properly. A dentist will always be looking for an assistant that can compliment his work in every possible way and that will include your being able to work with other people as a team, and to be able to handle the customers with the respect and the professionalism required, because you are at the front of the line and you are representing him in every way and that is going to be very important for his practice.

About Dental Assistant Careers in Los Angeles

According to recent government statistics, Los Angeles has the highest concentration of dental assisting jobs in the nation. With just over 10,440 dental assistants employed, the Los Angeles metropolitan area just inches out New York in terms of sheer job numbers. The mean annual wage for a Los Angeles dental assistant is $34,000 which adds up to about $16.35 an hour depending on location and experience. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Working conditions of a dental assistant

You will need to make sure that you understand how your dentist office works. The work area that you will need to cover is around the dentist chair. The instruments will all need to be cleaned and sterilized as per the rules and standards and you will need to know where everything is so that when you are asked to fetch anything you know where to find it. You will have to be very attentive to the smaller details, because professionals tend to work in their own styles and you will have to learn to read the gestures properly.

Training and Qualifications

Undergoing a training course in dental assistant is something quite simple. All the qualifications that you basically require are to have a High School degree. Once you are able to enroll for the course, you will be guided through the program in such a manner that you will have no problems getting your skills polished to be able to handle the situation once you get a job. Most states have certain rules and regulations in regards to what a dental assistant can do and cannot perform, and this is something that you will learn in your program as well. Certification is however, very important, as most clinics will require for you to have some sort of certificate that gives you the opportunity to work as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Schools in or near Los Angeles

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