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About Las Vegas Dental Assistant Careers

It is common to see nurses aiding doctors, and it is also common see dentists having their own dental assistants. So if you have considered nursing, dental assisting is another career choice that could be right up your alley.

Technology has revolutionized our medical treatments and solutions. Treatment application has become more complex, and the dental industry has the need for extra hands for providing additional services to clients. Thus more and more dentists seek the help of assistants in their dental practices.

Dental Assistants serve as an extra hand for dentists. They provide the much needed help to dentists so that they may concentrate on more intricate treatments and solutions which will further benefit the patient.

Dental Assistant Salaries in Las Vegas

Among the different cities in US, Las Vegas offers one of the highest average rates for dental assistants with a rate of $16.86 an hour – and unlike most jobs that have greater possibility of a reduction in salary, dental assistants have a more secured future. The median annual wages of dental assistants based on a recent government survey amounted to $35,360 with an expected job demand growth of over 30% nationwide. The salary varies depending on the experience, qualifications, and credentials presented by the dental assistant. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Educational Requirements

Most schools which offer diploma courses require applicants to submit and pass the following credentials:

  1. A high school diploma or GED equivalency
  2. TOEFL or TESL certification
  3. A passing score on their given Entrance Assessment Tests

Length of Completion of Courses

Most of the diploma courses are finished within 2 years while certificate courses are done after 6 – 8 months of training. It is best to inquire through the schools admission representatives to further know the specifics of this matter.

Job Outlook

Dental Assistants are considered as one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. As more and more dentists prefer hiring certified and licensed dentist assistants, the employment rate for highly experienced dental assistants is also expected to increase up to 31% over the next ten years. Another factor which may affect the demand for dental assistants in the future is retirement and a change in career paths of previous dental assistants.

Responsibilities of Dental Assistants

The duties of a dental assistant vary from patient care, office and laboratory analysis. They sterilize and disinfect the tools and instruments which will be used in dental treatments. They may also prepare materials which will be used for impressions and restorations; make temporary crowns; schedule and confirm dentist’s appointments; keep track of patient’s records; maintain dental supplies and materials; create casts of the teeth and mouth; but most of the time they are asked to work side by side with the dentist in all his dental treatment.


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