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Dallas Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

Dallas dental assistant schools can help prepare you for a rewarding career as a dental assistant in the Dallas, TX area. These concentrated training programs cover the skill set needed to gain employment as a dental assistant, from the medical and dental knowledge you need to the business skills employers look for. Courses are varied and focused, and subject matter is applicable to many other rewarding fields as well. Finding the right dental assistant school in Dallas is an important step in building a rewarding, lucrative career.

Explore the Dallas dental assistant schools below to find the right program for you.

Dental Assistant Schools in Dallas, TX

Remington College

At Remington College, we offer a variety of educational programs.

While no reputable school can guarantee employment after graduation, our programs are designed with an emphasis on helping students to prepare for entry-level employment in various career fields.

This combination of traditional teaching methods along with practical classroom experience provides an opportunity for students to apply and practice their knowledge and skills.

Not sure which program is right for you? Remington College understands that choosing a career path can be stressful for some students. That’s why we have admissions staff available to students in order to help them find an area of study that is right for them.

Some programs that may be available in your area:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Medical Assisting
  • Cosmetology
  • Pharmacy Technician

Why choose Remington College?

  • Small class sizes
  • Day or evening classes available in select programs
  • Career focused educational programs
  • Financial aid available for those who qualify

Simply fill out the form to receive more information about Remington College.


Dental Assisting in Dallas

Think of the dental assistant as the right hand of the dentist. The dental assistant assists the dentist by performning many duties. Usually, these professionals are on hand to provide tools, instruments, and a helping hand to the dentist. Dentists depend on the dental assistant for quick and efficient assistance in dental procedures. In addition, the dental assistant performs many tasks that do not require licensure. For example, obtaining dental impressions can be accomplished by the dental assistant. Handling other tasks in the dental office are also job duties of the dental assistant. Ordering supplies, billing, office support, and other related duties can be attributed to dental assistants. One of the main tasks dental assistants perform is soothing the patient. The dental assistant seeks to make the patient comfortable and relaxed. The calm demeanor of the dental assistant soothes the patient and helps relieve anxiety.

Dental Assistant Salaries in Dallas

Salaries in Dallas can be pretty good for the dental assistant. If you compare the amount of training to the income, you can come to the conclusion that this profession is a good one. The average dental assistant in Dallas earns $34,000 per year. A dental assistant with more experience can earn around $43,000 per year. See other dental assistant salary figures.

Educational Requirements

Most dental assistant training programs can be completed within one year. After completion of this program, you will receive a dental assistant certificate. Many employers will hire graduates and continue to train in their offices. An associate degree in dental assistant training can be obtained in about 2 years. This degree program is a closer step to more advanced positions in dentistry.

Job Outlook

Older and younger people are seeking dental treatment. This means the dental industry is expecting significant growth. Some parents are bringing in toddlers for their first exams. Elderly patients are keeping their natural teeth longer; thus, the need for dental care is great. Job analysts project intense growth into the year 2018. You can also explore dental assistant job listings in Dallas.

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