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Chicago Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

Chicago dental assistant schools can prepare a student for a career in dental assisting in the Chicago area. Dental assistant schools train students in a variety of skills relevant to dental assisting and healthcare in general, ranging from dental procedures and chairside tasks to front and back office skills. Graduates of Chicago dental assistant schools can go on to become certified and start a gratifying career in dental assisting.

Dental Assistant Schools in Chicago, IL

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Dental Assisting in Chicago

Finding a job that pays decently, requires little training time, and has superior job outlook can be difficult in today’s economy. However, this is not the case with the job of a dental assistant. Careers in this field are expected to grow much faster than the average through at least the year 2012, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks it among the 30 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. In the city of Chicago alone, there are thousands of dental assistant jobs available at any one time.

A career as a dental assistant allows a person to perform a variety of different duties. A dental assistant in Chicago may work in patient care, perform office duties, or work in a laboratory. Those who work with patients generally sit next to the dentist and perform such tasks as getting the patient situated in the chair, handing instruments to the dentist, suctioning the patient’s mouth, and sterilizing instruments. In some cases, they may even be allowed to remove stitches or apply anesthetic. Office duties of a dental assistant may include scheduling appointments, sending bills, and ordering supplies. An assistant who works in a laboratory may make casts or crowns and clean appliances.

Salaries of Chicago Dental Assistants

The average salary for a dental assistant in Chicago is around $33,000. However, those in the highest ten percent may earn as much as $40,000 a year or more. This depends on such factors as the amount of schooling you have and how experienced you are. In addition, Chicago dental assistants often receive additional benefits such as paid vacations, health benefits, and reduced dental care for themselves and their families.

Educational Requirements for a Dental Assistant in Chicago

In Illinois, there are two types of dental assistants. The first type, a regular dental assistant, can enter the work force with no more than a high school diploma. However, employers tend to prefer applicants with at least a one year certificate. In fact, almost 80% of dental assistant jobs in Chicago are held by people with either a certificate or an associates degree. The other type of dental assistant is called a dental assistant qualified in expanded functions. In order to receive this certification, a person needs to either graduate from a CODA-accredited dental assisting program, complete 1,000 hours of work as a dental assistant, or be certified as a DANB Certified Dental Assistant. In addition, they are required to either complete a course related to the expanded function or have experience in it.

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