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Boston Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

Dental assistant schools in Boston can help prepare you to pursue a career as a professional dental assistant in the Boston area. Boston dental assistant schools offer training in areas such as chairside assistance, front and back office practices, medical knowledge, and other areas. These dental assisting schools also prepare students to become Certified Dental Assistants, allowing them to become more employable and eventually earn a higher salary.

Dental Assistant Schools in Boston

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About Dental Assisting in Boston

A career as a dental assistant is entry level. Oftentimes, an individual will take this job as a stepping stone to higher level positions in dentistry. In fact, the dental assistant position is a wonderful first hand look at the dental profession. Reading about something in a book is good; however, experience can not be matched. Many dental assistants have an interest in becoming dentists. Some dental assistants just enjoy supporting the dentist, and the supporting position is satisfactory to them. The dental assistant lays out the tools and equipment needed for dental procedures. Multitasking is a great quality for dental assistants to possess. The dental assistant can participate in ordering supplies, sterilizing equipment, taking dental impressions, and a host of other responsibilities.

Dental Assistant Salaries in Boston

A dental assistant can earn around $35,000 in Boston. Median salaries are from $26,900 to $38,000. The highest paid dental assistants earn $46,000 per year in Boston. The lowest paid dental assistant in Boston makes approximately $25,000. See more dental assistant salary figures.

Boston Dental Assistant Educational Requirements

The majority of dental employers in Boston require candidates to have acquired at least a certificate. Attaining a dental certificate can be accomplished by enrolling in a dental assistant training program. Many junior and community colleges have accredited dental assistant programs. The certificate program takes a year to complete. Furthermore, a dental assistant associate degree can be obtained within 2 years. Dental assistants that hope to advance in the field should get an associate’s degree; this can be a stepping stone to better paying positions.

Boston Dental Assisting Job Outlook

The government predicts the future for dental assistants should be good. In fact, the increase of older citizens will fuel the growth. Dental advancements make it possible for people to retain their teeth longer; therefore, these people need more dental care. Dental assistant jobs are expected to grow intensely between now and 2018.

Boston Dental Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

The dental assistant must be reliable and organized. The dentist depends upon this professional to assist them with complex dental procedures. Manual dexterity certainly helps because instruments need to be handled carefully. Thus, the dental assistant must be alert and accurate. See other dental assistant duties.

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