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Baltimore Dental Assistant Schools & Training Programs

Dental assistant schools in Baltimore can prepare you for a career in dental assisting in the Baltimore area. Students of accredited dental assistant schools in Baltimore learn the hands-on skills and business practices necessary to enter the field of dental assisting and be competitive.

Dental Assistant Schools in Baltimore

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Dental Assisting in Baltimore

Dental Assistants are considered to be a part of the Health Career Field, which is the fastest growing career field. Just like people will always be sick, there will always be a need for dental care. There is currently a need for dental assistants in Baltimore.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dental Assistants in Baltimore

Aside from helping the dental surgeon with dental procedures, most dental assistants have office duties too. Some offices still have a receptionist that handles the computer work, but some have the dental assistants handle these tasks. Office responsibilities may include scheduling or rescheduling appointment, follow up visits and the handling of payments. See a general dental assistant job description.

Salary Outlook for Dental Assistants in Baltimore

Dependent upon the dental practice, the assistant may be paid hourly or annually. There are good and bad points about each. If you are paid hourly and you miss hours then your paycheck has less money in it. If you are paid annually and you end up working longer hours then you were scheduled you do not get paid more money for those extra hours. Either way, a dental assistant make roughly $14.00 an hour and $30,000 annually. Here are other salary figures for dental assistants.

Education needed to become a Dental Assistant in Baltimore

Many dental assistant schools in Baltimore offer an associate degree. So you would need to be willing to go to school for two years and then do some unpaid training at a dentist office. Baltimore does not require dental assistants to go back to school after getting your license. It is always good to go back to school after getting your degree because the world of dentistry is always changing.

Financial Aid for Dental assistant Schools in Baltimore

The best place to start looking for financial aid is filling out a FAFSA to see what government aid is available. Also if you are working, some employers will offer tuition reimbursement for good grades.

For more information on dental assisting and Baltimore dental assistant schools, see a general overview of dental assistant training, including some of the dental assistant courses you will be taking.

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