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Atlanta offers several dental assistant schools for students seeking to start a career as a dental assistant. Dental assisting in Atlanta can be a gratifying, lucrative career, provided you have received the necessary training from an accredited school. Browse the list of scho0ols below to find a dental assistant school in Atlanta, or see what other dental assistant schools are available near you.

Dental Assistant Schools in Atlanta

Fortis College

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Miller-Motte Technical College

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Miller-Motte Technical College (MMTC or MMC) has a history of helping students succeed through hands-on education and career training. Our faculty and staff work to ensure that when you’ve completed your program, you’re truly ready to begin your career.

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Programs may vary by campus.


These schools are regulated as commercial motor carriers by the US DOT and their respective state agency: GADDS, SCDMV, THEC, and VADMV. It takes fewer than 300 hours to complete this program; therefore it is not eligible for Title IV funding. This program is not within the scope of ACICS Accreditation. Miller-Motte Technical College, Clarksville, is regulated as a commercial motor carrier by the US DOT and THEC. It takes fewer than 300 hours to complete this program, therefore it is not eligible for Title IV funding.


Dental Assistant Careers in Atlanta

There are many open positions for a dental assistant in Atlanta. Since the need for dental assistants is so great, most companies that are hiring do not require any hands on training. The companies that are hiring advertise that they will train once hired. So, as long as the individual has graduated with an associate as a dental assistant then they should be able to find a job quickly.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant in Atlanta

Some of the basic responsibilities are transferring the tools needed for each specific dental procedure. The assistant needs to do this smoothly as to not interrupt the dental surgeon. Also the dental assistant would handle all of the charting during the procedure and after the procedure.

Atlanta Dental Assistant Salary’s Outlook

The dental assistants in Atlanta are mostly paid annually. If you work in a dentist office that does basic dental procedure, then the average annual salary is $25,000. There are also many cosmetic dentist offices in Atlanta. If you choose to work for this type of dentist then the average annual salary is $34,000.

Education Requirements to Become a Dental Assistant in Atlanta

The education needed to be a dental assistant is to graduate from an accredited school that offers an associate. Most of the practices that are hiring offer training so hands on training at an externship site is not necessary, but would be a nice added bonus.

Financial Aid Information for Dental Assistants Schools in Atlanta

There are many options when it comes to paying for school. Students can fill out a FAFSA online in order to see how much government assistance they qualify for. There are subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Unsubsidized require you to pay the interest on the loan while you are in school and subsidized loans do not require payments until six months after you have graduated. There are very popular loans offered by banks based on credit or employment. When considering school loans through a bank, it is best to shop around to make sure you get a good interest rate.

For more information on dental assisting in Atlanta, see a general overview of dental assistant training, as well as a dental assistant job description and salary figures.

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