“Smart” Toothbrush Tells You How Good You Are at Brushing

"Smart" Toothbrush Tells You How Good You Are at Brushing

If you’re dentist can’t seem to get you to brush your teeth the way you should, maybe your toothbrush can. A company called Kolibree has developed “the world’s first connected electric toothbrush,” which it unveiled at the recent International Consumer Electronics (CES) show in Las Vegas. The device can analyze the user’s brushing habits and transfer the data to a smartphone equipped with a mobile app, which is then able to let the user know whether they’ve done a good job of cleaning or if they need to “brush up” on their technique.

It works like this: simply download Kolibree’s free app on a smartphone (currently, the iPhone, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy are supported, with more devices to come), and connect to the toothbrush via Bluetooth technology. When you insert the brush into your mouth for the first time, its internal accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope build a model of the inside of your mouth, which it can use from that point on to assess how well you reach each of your teeth.

Sensors inside the device track the areas of the mouth you touch each time you brush and transfer the data to the app. There, you can see not only which teeth you reached and which ones you didn’t, but also how long you brushed each one and how vigorous the brushing was. The app will even keep data from multiple brushes, meaning parents can finally tell if their kids are being truthful when they say they brushed their teeth. Kolibree even hopes that some game designers will develop fun apps that use the data for not only educational, but also entertainment purposes to help make children look forward to brushing.

There’s no need to go rushing down to the local department store to buy the smart toothbrush, however; it’s currently still in the prototype phase and won’t be released until the third quarter (July – September) of 2014. Even the app won’t be available to download until July. When it does hit the market, it will be initially available only through Kickstarter, with models ranging in price from $99 to $200.

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