Drunk Man Arrested for Extracting a Child’s Tooth

Drunk Man Extracts Child's Tooth

It’s safe to say the Tooth Fairy isn’t afraid of losing her job to Curtis Baltz anytime soon. That’s because the 36-year-old man was arrested on the evening of June 30 for reportedly extracting a child’s tooth without permission as the boy sat outside a restaurant in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The unwanted dental assistance occurred as the nine-year-old victim sat with his mother outside Jules Coffee House around 8 PM. The boy apparently was displaying some discomfort with a loose baby tooth, because an inebriated Baltz approached him and asked, “What’s wrong with your tooth?” When the child showed him his loose tooth, the man “flicked” it with enough force to knock the tooth out, filling the crying boy’s mouth with blood. His mother rushed him inside the restaurant and called the police.

The cops arrived and arrested Baltz, charging him with disorderly conduct. Authorities measured his blood alcohol content at .20, but as of now there’s no word of him receiving a public intoxication charge. Baltz’s girlfriend told police that he has a habit of doing “stupid” things when he’s drunk. In his defense, Baltz told the cops that both his father and grandfather were dentists, so he “knew what he was doing.”

However, if he really did know what he was doing, he’d know that most dentists advise against pulling (or “flicking” out) a child’s loose tooth. Unless the tooth is ready to fall out or is barely hanging on by gum tissue, pulling a tooth before it’s ready can cause complications, such as pain, swelling, bleeding and infection.

As such, baby teeth should be left to come out on their own. Children naturally play with their loose teeth using their fingers or tongue, which is fine because that rarely forces teeth out prematurely, and it leads to a gradual, less violent extraction that reduces the risk of bleeding. After all, only the child knows exactly how loose the tooth is.

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