18 Funniest Post-Dental Surgery Anesthesia Videos

Funniest Dental Post-Surgery Anesthesia Videos

Going to a dentist for oral surgery can be a nerve-wracking event for patients, but if you ever find yourself in that position, take comfort in knowing that your family and friends will probably be having a great time filming your laughing gas-induced post-surgery haze for public humiliation on the Web. Here are 18 of the best examples.


18) Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Aftermath (2012)
Teen patient Tylor mistakes the dental assistant for Kevin Hart, insults his dad’s looks and sings a Justin Bieber song. You decide which is most embarrassing. 
Highlight: (Pointing to his father) “Who is that ugly man?” (4:30)

17) Funny Wisdom Teeth Aftermath (2012)
On the way home from the dentist, Kylie reveals herself to be an “I love you, man” type of drunk, telling people how beautiful they are before breaking into a Christina Aguilera song.
Highlight: “Last night, I wanted to live in a teepee…Not toilet paper, but, like, a teepee.” (3:51)

16) Calen @ the Dentist Post-op Funny (2010)
Calen channels his inner Jim Carrey, contorting his face as he realizes he doesn’t have full control over it.
Highlight: When he realizes he can only blink on one side of his face (1:49)

15) Kelly’s Wisdom Teeth Aftermath (2010)
Kelly seems to have developed some sort of foreign, sing-songy accent from her oral surgery, as she spews a nonstop, stream of conscious monologue that only dogs can hear.
Highlight: She tries for nearly a minute to remember a song she wants to sing. (2:44)

14) Alex Goes To The Dentist (2013)
When he isn’t pontificating about the malevolent nature of dolphins or declaring his love for yogurt, Alex seems to think he’s at a karaoke bar, singing several songs and even delivering a spot-on freestyle rap at the end of the video.
Highlight: “Do you poo yogurt, or do you pee yogurt?” (2:07)

13) Zach After the Dentist (2010)
Zach, who sounds disturbingly similar to Chris from Family Guy, feels that everyone is out to get him, from the dentist — whom he insists tried to beat him up — to a flock of (angry?) birds that hate him.
Highlight: “All the birds hated me because I was different!” (0:55)

12) Kyle Cat Daddy Wisdom Teeth (2011)
Teen playa Kyle doesn’t let a little oral surgery interrupt his mack game, as he asks the dental assistant to marry him (as long as she’s the breadwinner), suggests he and the dentist go party and even makes an uncomfortable declaration to his mother before breaking into the Cat Daddy dance.
Highlight: “I’m not a hooker, OK?…I’ve done it once; it wasn’t worth it.” (5:07)

11) Wisdom Teeth (2011)
Don’t let the University of North Carolina t-shirt on this teen fool you; she’s not in college — she goes to school at…Hogwarts! Apparently, she’s a wizard, and the dentist put a spell on her teeth. Now, it’s payback time.
Highlight: “I don’t remember where we live!” (1:29)

10) What’s In My Mouth? (2012)
This poor young lady awakens in the car with no memory of what happened to her and begins an Abbott and Costello-like exchange with her mother about the gauze in her mouth.
Highlight: “What’s in my mouth?” (every 10 seconds or so)

9) Chaddy Wisdom Teeth at Home (2012)
As he recuperates from his dental surgery at home, Chaddy, who sounds (and kind of looks) like Bobcat Goldthwait’s DNA was spliced with Howdy Doody, is full of love — even when he’s unintentionally dissing his mom.
Highlight: (Talking to his dad on the phone) “You’re really smart, and I trust you more than I trust mom.” (2:22)

8) Brother and Sister after Dentist (2011)
As woozy siblings Kelly and Jarrod ride home from the dentist, she reveals herself to be the chatty one, claiming she saw purple and yellow ponies, insisting there’s a brick in her mouth and declaring her love for whipped cream with cheese on top. Jarrod’s contribution is coming up with a creative and cozy plan for the two of them to share three ice packs.
Highlight: “My mouth tastes like poopie.” (7:45)

7) Murdered My Wisdom Teeth (2013)
Odds are no one in history has had as much of an attachment to his or her wisdom teeth as Kansas college student Abbie Kritz, who breaks down about “killing” them as if she were confessing at the end of an episode of Law & Order.
Highlight: “They just wanted to be part of my body, and I said ‘No, get out!’ I didn’t mean it! You can come back if you want!” (as she attempts to put teeth back in her mouth) (2:17)

6) Wisdom Teeth Wake Up at the Dentist (2009)
Waking up in the dentist’s office, chatty young Andrea Wade covers a range of rambling topics, from gambling in Vegas to Dr. Pepper to unicorns to horses that look mysteriously like gorillas.
Highlight: She panics when she realizes that she forgot to feed her 12 unicorns (4:15)

5) Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey (2010)
Siblings Kaylynn and Austin Rush, who had their wisdom teeth extracted at the same time, vividly illustrate how the high of anesthesia brings out a patient’s true personality. Austin in the frenzied comic relief, making bold declarations, throwing hissy fits and proposing marriage to various family members, while Kaylynn is a chilled-out, smiling Cheshire Cat who may or may not smother you in your sleep.
Highlight: The most pitiful game of thumb wrestling in the history of mankind. (2:35)

4) Julie and the Deathly Surgeon (2012)
After getting her wisdom teeth taken out, Julie Garcia develops a hilarious case of short-term amnesia (“When’d you get here?!?”) and is amazed at literally everything her husband tells her.
Highlight: Julie looks at her watch for more than 10 seconds trying desperately to tell what time it is, only to conclude, “I think I need glasses.” (4:14)

3) Wisdom Teeth – Best Reaction Ever (2013)
It’s obvious Maddi would be an entertaining drunk, as she plows through topics from nose piercings to Ellen Degeneres to mermaids to The Godfather to Beyonce to Twilight.
Highlight: (Pointing to a Norman Rockwell baseball painting) “I have to talk to whoever put the picture of Hitler in the office.” (5:35)

2) Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth (2010)
Recuperating Kansas State student Hannah Manry delivers a wonderful soliloquy about riding on a unicorn in a magical fruit-laden land…and then she starts rapping about Jesus.
Highlight: “I feel like a unicorn just took me on a ride to a magical palace, to the land of the blueberries. And we eat onions all day…and mushrooms. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we get papayas. ” (0:11)

1) David After Dentist (2009)
The one that seemingly started the trend en masse. David DeVore Jr. was seven years old when he went to the dentist to get an extra tooth (a condition called hyperdontia) removed. The aftermath was a classic episode of existentialist thought punctuated by the occasional ‘roid rage. Unlike many of the similar videos that have been posted on YouTube since then, his father’s motivation for filming the aftermath was completely innocent: David’s mother had wanted to accompany him but couldn’t because of a work obligation.
Highlight: David pauses with a concerned look and asks, “Is this real life?” (0:19)